Something I cannot shake off and is still obsessing over.
Universe, you work in the strangest ways. Whenever I try to get away from someone, you always bring them back to me. What are the odds, that amongst about a thousand people, you had to put him in front of me. Worse still, you put him in front of me with a girl. Sure, they weren’t doing anything or looked like they were a couple, but there could’ve been something going on there for all I know.
I’ve been trying to hard to get him out of my head, to let him go, but you had to put him in front of me.

Maybe you’re giving me a real sign to say goodbye, that he is seeing someone. Maybe you’re trying to tell me he doesn’t even care enough about me for me to carry on thinking about him.

I don’t know what your intentions are, I just wish it didn’t have to be this way.
Haven’t felt that stab in my heart in a long time now, and this feeling sucks.

And I want to do it with you so badly…

And I want to do it with you so badly…


I am feeling way too much for this boy who shouldn’t mean anything to me. Shit.


I wish I could wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day and mean it. Looking at all my friends post pictures and messages to their dad, I think about my own and I feel dead inside. No feelings, no love, no compassion of any sort. I can’t even bring myself to tell him I love him anymore.

It’s sad to think one day if I ever get married, I’m certain I won’t invite him to it, or let him walk me down the aisle.

I’m glad I have another man in my life who’s more of a father to me than my own blood; who loves me way more than my own father does, but I’m still disappointed my dad is such as asshole.



don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers

That’s quite true.

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Somehow I still think about you and it amazes me why I can’t let you go yet.

OMG! One day!

OMG! One day!


How does someone you barely know tear you apart so tragically?


It’s been about half a year, I’ve seen other people, so many things in my life have changed, but yet, I still can’t seem to let you go, and my heart still hurts. It shouldn’t even matter that much to me. So why does it? I wish I never met you.

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